The Hidden Lives of Learners

Class Teaching

nuthallbookTonight’s 15 Minute Forum was led by our Director of Humanities, Martyn Simmonds.  Martyn was discussing this great book.  He picked out some of the key themes from the book, and then shared how this could help to shape our teaching.

nuthall quote

Learning is individual

  • Learning involves making connections between new information and prior knowledge.
  • Students know about 40-50% of what we are going to teach them….
  • … BUT the prior knowledge differs between students, so it will be highly variable.
  • Students with different background knowledge, will experience the activity differently and therefore learn different things.
  • One third of what students learn in a lesson is unique to them – and won’t be learnt by others.

Learning usually involves a progressive change

  • Single, isolated experiences do not give birth to learning – learning is not a one-off event, it happens over time.
  • Learning is shaped by a sequence of events –…

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