How to be Invisible

Homeless Talent Show Thinks

I am the father of that family that is irresponsible because there are six of us.

I am the father of that family that is “not really” poor because we own a refrigerator, video game systems, and cellular phones; Cable TV and internet.

My family does not receive state or federal assistance…yet. My wife and I both work 40-hour per week schedules but we rarely make 40-hours worked in a week because I attend school and we attend to our children’s needs. Add family obligations that must be undertaken and my wife and I scramble to maintain both ours and our children’s health and well-being. Our love is strong and fierce but poverty rolls its eyes at love.

This isn’t a plea for help. I write this because we are invisible.

It is simple, really, we consume more than we can afford. With this understood, I write this to show how easy it is to be invisible…not to lament.

I write this…

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