Education, not ‘attainment’.

How do we know?

I clearly remember two separate, but similar introductions to the new year from teachers at my junior school, though the identity of the teachers has now faded from my memory. On both occasions, something was written in chalk, on the board and obviously with enough dramatic impact for me to recall for 40 years. One of these was the literal translation of the word ‘educare’ as ‘to lead/draw out’ and the other was the old catechism ‘wissen ist macht’ translated as ‘knowledge is power’ but conveyed to us as our knowledge would give us power (to think for ourselves, to make informed decisions, to resist negative pressure). I’m reminded of these when I am witness to educational debates and particularly those that focus on the purpose of education. Of course, like so many of us, I must be strongly influenced by my early experience, which in this case leads me…

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How to be Invisible

Homeless Talent Show Thinks

I am the father of that family that is irresponsible because there are six of us.

I am the father of that family that is “not really” poor because we own a refrigerator, video game systems, and cellular phones; Cable TV and internet.

My family does not receive state or federal assistance…yet. My wife and I both work 40-hour per week schedules but we rarely make 40-hours worked in a week because I attend school and we attend to our children’s needs. Add family obligations that must be undertaken and my wife and I scramble to maintain both ours and our children’s health and well-being. Our love is strong and fierce but poverty rolls its eyes at love.

This isn’t a plea for help. I write this because we are invisible.

It is simple, really, we consume more than we can afford. With this understood, I write this to show how easy it is to be invisible…not to lament.

I write this…

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