Awaiting some ministerial decisions

How do we know?

What a joke! This from them today:

Changes to 2016 tests and assessments We are aware that schools are waiting for additional information about changes to the national curriculum tests and assessments to be introduced for the next academic year. We are still awaiting some ministerial decisions, in particular in relation to teacher assessment. We will let you know in September, as more information becomes available

Only they’re not kidding. Mike Tidd comments on the same here, but I was unrealistically (and uncharacteristically) optimistic that something would come out before we had to have everything in place in September. Should we laugh or tear our hair out that they are ‘awaiting ministerial decisions’? What – the ministers haven’t been able to decide after 2 years? I won’t hold my breath for anything sensible then. Of course, ‘teacher assessment’ should be a matter for serious consideration, but I doubt that…

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Thinking through lesson study for task design and learning insights

HE Reflections

Today was one of those days where being able to slow down and reflect can lead to some new insights and ideas for future change. On Friday I’m running a day-long workshop together with Joan, my partner-in-crime on our MA International Education research methods module considering issues around research methods pedagogy. We’ve spent a great day putting together what we hope will be a reflective consideration of our research into this area, and as with all such events we’ll spend some time discussing possible ways forward.

Over the past year, we’ve gained a number od ideas and insights from the use of Lesson Study. We’ve found this approach invaluable as part of a much wider action research approach exploring the module development we’ve undertaken, and have no doubt that it has been a worthwhile activity in opening up new thinking and understanding concerning some (but no where near all) of the…

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