Pros and Cons of Action Research and Participant Action Research (PAR).

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Kurt Lewin  was the social scientist responsible for giving  this research paradigm the name Action Research.
He believed Action Research went through a circular process. That the researcher began by “identifying a general idea” this was followed by “fact finding, planning, action, evaluating, plan second action”. However  new approaches  will use  Action Research as a form of “problem Solving”(citied in Action Research paper).

Action Research has several definitions, one definition is:
“research orientated towards direct practice” (taken from Action Research paper pg1).
While Carr & Lewin define Action Research as “a form of self reflexive enquiry” carried out by practitioners  whose purpose is to “improve the rationality and justice of their practice ” ( Carr & Kemmin 1986:162, cited in Action Research pg 1).
Action Research evolved from Post Modernism when  social scientists epistemology and ontological beliefs began to change. Through research findings they realised that people/participant/s experienced their world…

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