Freeing the Angel

* Why Acronyms In Teaching?

In my first year as a secondary school teacher, there was something called AR&R. The school had a deputy head teacher responsible for AR&R. It was the phrase on everyone’s lips. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea what AR&R meant. Not wishing to look stupid, I spent several months in blissful ignorance of what AR&R was, before I plucked up the courage to ask. (Assessment, Recording and Reporting, since you ask.) The world of education is extremely keen on acronyms. Overly keen, some might say. As with so many other aspects of teaching, we go through phases in our love affair with acronyms. Just now, we’re passing through an especially acronym-heavy phase. Often, acronyms stay in fashion for 3 years or so, then get discarded, to be replaced by an entirely different set of letters. But other acronyms limp on for years, acquiring extra letters…

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